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Lift Mode body = DMST + Non-Invasive RF (tones muscles, tightens skin, reduces cellulite)

TriLift single session = DMST + Non-Invasive RF + TriFx RF Microneedle

*Price for full package is discounted if you pay in full.  With that I will also include the TriFX (Microneedle) in this price.  And, for you three ladies, I will also add one body area for lift or tightening for free.  Your choice of body area.  

This is how the treatments are laid out:

Trilift package:

Week 1 TriLift/RF plus TriFX
Week 2 TriLift/RF
Week 3 TriLift/RF plus TriFX
Week 4 TriLift/RF
F/U in 3-6 months with just one treatment not full package again

TriFX – recommended 4-5 sessions recommended
3 treatments every 2 weeks
2 treatments every 3 weeks
F/U in 3-6 monts

Tripollar with RF or DMST – 4-6 sessions recommended

Treat every week
F/U 3-6 months 

Black Friday Special:

Buy full package and pay in full and get one area of tightening or lift for free for first 15 people who sign up.

December Special:  Radiant You, the Ultimate Gift

Give the gift of beauty this year.  

Additional information

Price List

triLift Package of 4 treatments, triLift Single session, Skin tightening small body part (RF only) (face or neck), Skin tightening large body part (RF only) (face & neck, shoulders, chest, arms, traps, lower back, flanks, abs, butt, thighs), TriFX RF Microneedle, Lift Mode Body Treatment (shoulders, chest, arms, traps, lower back, flanks, abs, butt, thighs), Lift Mode touch-up quarterly tx (available after series is completed), Stretch marks (TriFx RF Microneedle, pricing depends on size of treatment area