Momentum Wellness Center

We want you to have the
body you deserve.

Transforming healthcare with an holistic approach

At Momentum Wellness Center, we’re reshaping healthcare with a holistic touch. We focus on your complete well-being, not just symptoms. Through personalized plans, evidence-based care, and a caring team, we empower you to achieve optimal health, balance, and vitality. Your path to a healthier, happier you begins here. We help our clients connect online or in-person.

A modern approach

It’s essential for us that our clients get personalized suggestions on what products we offer that will fullfil. Rather than do things the typical way, we’ve created a system designed around our patients’ needs.

Our Services

In-person only, this is designated for individuals to that seek to bring their appearance to a more youthful state.

Online or in-person, this time will be spent evaluating the best treatment by analyzing your blood work, and then providing medication.

Online or in-person, this session will help you with what you care most about and develop a plan to achieve personal weight loss goals. 

In-person only, this session helps us develop a tailored plan specific to you.

In-person only, experience the exclusive benefits of in-person triLift sessions for a rejuvenated and lifted look, all within our welcoming atmosphere.

In-person only, experience the Benefits IV-Therapy Sessions for Optimal Nutrient Replenishment and Hydration.

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